Landscape Edging 25ga Galv. Steel Lawn Garden Fence Terrace Border 0300118


Garden Edging Border dimensions : 35.5" x 7" (LxH) per lawn edging profile

QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY: The lawn edging profiles are all made in Germany and have outstanding quality. Due to the high quality, the lawn edges are both extremely stable and flexible, so that they can be laid as desired

STRONG MATERIAL AND SAFETY UNITED: Extremely easy to install and strong material. Out of 0.6 mm = 25 ga galvanized steel.  No risk of injury as the garden edging / lawn edging has a crimped top edge

NEW 2022 PLUG SYSTEM + FLEXIBILITY: The new plug system allows you to extend the lawn edging infinitely. Here it looks as if it were a long lawn edge, because you almost do not see the joints. Curves are easy to lay due to maximum flexibility. The easiest way to lay them is to use a spade. With the help of a vice, even 90° angles are possible.

LONG DURABILITY THROUGH GALVANIZATION: Our new metal lawn palisades stand for long durability and are of course rust-free. Also called stone borders, gravel borders, high lawn edges, metal edges, large bed borders, round metal bed borders, metal trellis, round fence walls