About Us

We are a women run company based in North East Arkansas.

Since 2013 we supply high quality steel and aluminum products.



271 Rush Lane
Imboden, AR 72434

Phone 870 869 9922

Store Hours: 8.00 am to 2.00 pm



The three angels for Best-Metal-Products




Kynndell - Assistand Shop Manager

As a powerful mom of two, Kynndell passionately supports to manage the store in the day-to-day business. She not only provides customer support and processes orders but takes responsibility for tasks from A to Z.



Destiny - Shipping and Warehouse Specialist 
as well as Social media assistant



Destiny is good organized and this great trait has made her the heart of our warehouse management. She ensures that our customers receive their orders on time and safely. She is also responsible for our social media profile and brings wonderful ideas to the table.



Anette - CEO


As a wife and mother, my love for this country and the mentality of its people brought me more than 15 years ago from Germany to the idyllic Imboden, AR. With many years of experience in the metal industry, I have been able to open the doors of Best-Metal-Products Corp in 2013. My team and I offer a wide range of steel and aluminum products as well as tires and welding wire. I am happy for each single customer we put a smile on the face, both locally and online – still being  excited for many more to come!