Stevie had a great idea to stop her chickens from scratching in her garden. She planted our pigeon spikes. Stevie loves it :)       - Great idea!


Scott wrote to us:
"I love my new ramps! Thank you so much for the
fast, free shipping! They are built like a tank!!!"

Thanks for your review and it's great to see you using our ramps with your 1964 C10.




You want to make your chickens happy too? Then check out Stevie's chicken hotel renovation. Her chickens love the private rooms.



Check out what Kynndell uses our great stainless steel table for. 




Thanks Dan, for showing us how happy your chickens are.

 "The boxes are awesome really nicely made"


Thank you Russel for introducing us to your project.

The bottom of one of the tripod legs. The chain hooks were welded onto 6" sections of 1" black iron pipe. The coupons were then split in half lengthwise. The U of the hook pipe was then formed on a solid piece of round stock in the 20 ton press matching the outside diameter of the black iron pipe so it would fit over its cousin and present a nice close fit-up for welding.                  

Testing the chain hook. The wrap prevents the chain from exiting the hook as applied post-removal force wants to spread the legs.
The discarded half of the chain hook pipe coupon after it was sliced lengthwise is in the lower part of the picture frame.


7/8" bolt through the Hi-Lift jack upper cleat.                       

1" black iron pipe tripod legs getting a rattle can coat or two of John Deere farm equipment yellow to allow easy spotting in the field.                                       


This is Roberts Ramp. He did a really great Job.






And see what Kurt did with our Steel Loading Ramp Kit:

"I doubled up the four pieces and bolted them to my
aluminum 10' x 2' ramp. Now I will be able to use this ramp
with my pickup truck! Thanks for the nice kit you sell! "


"Couldn't find this at any local store. "



Did you know, that you can also use our Pigeon Spikes to keep Coyotes, and Bob Cat's off the fence. Jeff did it in Sun City West. Some area's have no fencing and tons of rabbits for the aggressive wildlife to feast on.


 Thank you Jeff for sharing this with us.


Great welding job Jeff did.

                 Thank you to share this with us.