Bird pigeon spikes all stainless steel welded 10ft.


Birds can cause structural and aesthetic damage from 

nesting and droppings. Bird spikes are the solution to stop 

this damage. Pigeon spikes can also reduce health and

liability risks.


If you have aggressive wildlife, you can use our protection

Spikes to keep Coyotes and Bob Cat´s off your fence.


This is a set of 3 (three) all stainless steel heavy-duty 

welded over 3 feet long sections of pigeon spikes. This is

not the cheap stuff that you get at most places with plastic

base that will wear out in no matter of time. This will hold

a lifetime and is a one-time solution.


For your convenience we have holes in our pigeon spikes

if you want to use screws. Other than that you can use

silicon or double back tape.




BASE:      39 in long

                3/4 in wide

                0.045 in stainless steel

                every 4/6 in a mounting hole


SPIKES:    strong 14 gauge stainless steel 

                 length of spikes 4-1/2 in

                 width at the bottom: 1 in

                 width of protected area: 6 in

                 height bottom to top: 4/12 in