1/8" STAINLESS STEEL CHAIN 316 BOAT ANCHOR WINDLASS ( by the foot) 0600204




1 foot


Grade 316

This is a quality marine grade stainless steel (AISI 316) chain ideal for marine applications or where corrosion resistance is required. Great for light applications that require corrosion resistance. Perfect for Dog Leash, Swings, Railing or any place a high strength corrosion resistant chain is needed. 


To avoid any misunderstandings

304 stainless steel contains chromium (min. 18%), and nickel (min. 8%). It is an austenite steel and is only slightly responsive to magnetic fields.

We would like to point out that our photos are only examples. Depending on the manufacturer from which we obtain our screws, it may happen that they are completely without embossing or with embossing. However, it is always the size and quality offered by us!