8 hole chicken nesting box September 22 2023, 0 Comments

🤩Introducing our Heavy Duty 8 Hole Chicken Nesting Box, proudly made in the USA! Crafted with all galvanized steel, this nesting box is built to last.
We use 23 ga galvanized steel, which is rust resistant and features folded edges and ventilation holes. Unlike our competitors who use 26 ga steel, we prioritize durability and quality.
Cleaning is a breeze with the removable galvanized steel bottom insert. Simply remove and clean to keep your birds healthier.
Say goodbye to litter being scratched out of the nest with our high front and back panels. We've designed this nesting box to prevent any mess from escaping.
The heavy-duty perches are hinged upward and feature three solid wood roosting bars with predrilled holes. Our hinged perches are made with 14 ga steel, surpassing the 16 ga used by most competitors.
Mounting brackets made out of 13 ga steel ensure a secure and sturdy installation.
No need to worry about missing parts, as all bolts and nuts are included with your purchase.
To assemble, you may need a wrench set and screwdriver.
- Length: 49 inches
- Width: 12 inches
- Height: 34.5 inches (back), 28 inches (front)
Not only is our Heavy Duty 8 Hole Chicken Nesting Box built to last, but it is also environmentally friendly. Made of heavy-duty steel, our chicken houses are paint and chemical-free. Paint can be harmful to poultry, causing a range of issues from decreased food utilization to lung problems.
Our chicken houses are also eco-friendly, as they are made of high-quality steel that remains rust-free and reusable for years to come.
We take sustainability seriously, even in our packaging. Small chicken house parts are packaged in biodegradable jute bags, which are then placed in recyclable cardboard for shipping.
And the best part? We are the manufacturer! This means that whenever you need spare parts, they will always be available for you.
Invest in our Heavy Duty 8 Hole Chicken Nesting Box and provide your feathered friends with a safe and comfortable home.